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    Double Rooms

    Double Bedroom is constituted by the Bed, Bedside Tables (2), Chest of Drawers, Mirror and Wardrobe.

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    • Couple Bed

      It is usually made of wood but can be made of other materials. Used with a mattress on top of a pallet so you have a comfortable night.

    • Chest of Drawers

      The commode is a low mobile with large drawers for storing clothes or different objects. It emerged in the late seventeenth century and since then became a very popular mobile.

    • Bedside Table

      Bedside table is a small table that sits next to the bed.

    • Mirrors

      Looking in to the mirror, we see our image with the same size and shape, but that seems to be behind the mirror at the same distance we are from him.

    • Wardrobes

      The closet came in the sixteenth century, and was used to store weapons as the name indicates in Portuguese but, with time, the nobles began to have a box weapons depots increasingly sumptuous and closet´s began to be used to store clothing .

    • Chest of Drawers
    • Armchairs
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    Showing 1 - 30 of 194 items